Prices and Options

Basic boarding fee includes food supplied by the kennel (or bring your own) and bed/blanket supplied by the kennel also (or bring your own). For cats, litter box and litter is included.

We serve meals once or twice per day – let us know at drop off when and how much your dog or cat is used to eating.

Please remember to bring proof of vaccinations with you – or fax it to us ahead of time (fax 908-359-7236).

Potty Breaks

Dogs like to know where/when to relieve themselves. Some dogs who are used to being kenneled have no problem using the outside portion of their run for elimination. Others, however, are not used to going on concrete (they must think they’re still inside – or else they’ve been scolded in the past for going on sidewalks or patios). Some dogs get downright anxious about where they are supposed to go when in a new place. We have a great bargain that allows a break from the run to eliminate, a stretch of the legs and a sniff around. We will allow your dog (individually or with others from the same household) in one of our fenced yards morning, afternoon and before bed for an additional $6 per day. This option allows your dog to adjust to a schedule while with us, which will in turn lessen any stress your dog feels by providing elimination opportunities.

Nature Hikes

Dog hiking trails at Longhill Pet Boarding

Dog hiking trails at Longhill Pet Boarding

Longhill Pet Boarding provides dog boarding in the heart of the Sourlands Nature Preserve with 30 acres of wooded trails in Hillsborough NJ. Your pet can experience nature under our staff’s caring supervision.

Our nature hike is 15 minutes. Dogs are walked singly, or dogs from the same household may walk together depending on behavior and strength of the dogs.


Freddy plays with his favorite frog toy.

Freddy plays with his favorite frog toy.

Playtime is 15 minutes. Playtime is also singly or with dogs from the same household only. Playtime often turns into cuddle time – we accommodate whatever your dog’s mood. If your dog is active we encourage you to choose exercise options if the stay exceeds more than a few days. All dogs like the 3x potty breaks, not matter what their age or activity level.

Fee Schedule

Dogs under 40 pounds:
Dogs over 40 pounds:
Dogs over 100 pounds:




Bath & Brush:
Daily Potty Walks/Yard Potties:
Substitute a Nature Hike or Playtime (15 min) for a Potty Walk-add only $7.00!


3 for $6

Medication administration charge determined at time of reservation.
*Second dog/cat in same enclosure 25% off – if pets need to be separated during their stay for any reason then full charges will apply.

Payment by cash, check or credit card. Arrivals and departures by appointment between 8am and 7pm 7 days a week. We are open Sundays and most holidays by appointment. Pick up your pet by 10am, and you will not be charged for the day of departure.

More Information

Learn more about small dog boarding, large dog boarding and cat boarding.

Be sure to read how to prepare for your first visit.

Have a question? Please give us a call at (908) 359-5229, or send an email today. We’ll help you plan for your pet boarding needs.

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